Who Is Bruce?

An award-winning Designer, Copywriter, and Strategist specializing in Digital,
Branding, Advertising, and Product Development. My career is built
on a diverse foundation of work for global brands, start-ups, and
personal entrepreneurial business experiences.

Passionate about Human Factors, Interaction, Graphic Design, and Innovation. Deep experience in responsive web, mobile, product, graphic, interaction and information design.

4 Things About Me

I Love The Creative Experience

The number of websites, apps, product interfaces, microsites, intranets, extranets, and dashboards I’ve been a part of is in the hundreds. Oh, and that doesn’t count video/tv, print ads, direct marketing, banner ads, email campaigns, social media, experiential, and events.

Yes, Awards

I’ve lost track of the awards, and you probably don’t care anyway. But the list includes J.D. Powers, One Show, Webby’s, FWA, CommArts, AIGA, and a host of smaller regional recognitions.

Creative & Analytical

As a result of my entrepreneurial activities and to the early part of my career on the ‘business’ versus ‘creative’ side, I moonlight as a business consultant. Mostly helping start-ups get their idea, business model, brand, and fundraising on-track.

Difficult To Classify

In not-so-creative roles, I've helped several companies open offices (strategy, budgeting, securing space, staffing, acquiring licenses) in Tokyo, Beijing, London, and San Francisco (from New York). I worked as part of a team to lobby and secure an annually renewing $12 million Federal Government appropriations contract for services. And, I've appeared on a BravoTV reality food show for my award-winning restaurant.

Various Me.